How to Find Success with a Financial Accountability Partner

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It is often said that ‘’Teamwork makes the dream work’’, and that saying is especially true of goal setting. Having a partner, friend, mentor, colleague to whom you are accountable, will help you stay on course to achieve your goal. So in this article, we’re going to walk you through how to choose an accountability partner.

Your accountability partner may very well have separate goals of their own; but you could both encourage the other, and give each other high fives for each milestone you achieve.  Here’s how to find success with an accountability partner:

1) Think of someone you genuinely trust

When you and your accountability partner have your sessions, you may share some private things about yourself. It is important to have a partner that you trust.


2) Choose someone you respect

Choose someone that you respect and trust to be challenging but not critical. Good accountability partners are not critical, just looking out for you to make a mistake but more like coaches, who are challenging you to live up to your goals with integrity and grit.


3) Choose someone accessible

You and your partner don’t have to be in the same city. You can connect with someone online and meet via Skype. But its important that your accountability partner is someone that is accessible, when you need them.


You will definitely love this guide to get your ideal accountability partner – Here’s the link

4) Find out what communication outlet is best for you and your accountability partner

Do you prefer email or text, Skype or Facetime, maybe you prefer meeting in person, or a mix of them all. Find out what works best for both of you.


5) Prepare in advance

Send your partner the SMART goals that you’re working towards so when you do speak you can jump right in without wasting time.


6) Always be open

Its important that you are honest and you express to your partner your strengths, weaknesses and any challenges you might be going through with this challenge.

P.S. If you recognize that you and your partner(s) are not vibing, don’t hesitate to let them know how you feel. If necessary you may have to find someone else.

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